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  • $288 million is awarded to student-athletes in soccer scholarships annually 

  • Soccer is the 2nd most played & recruited sport in colleges 

  • 130,000 professional soccer jobs internationally compared to 115,000 for football & basketball combined!

  • Increased academic & personal development support along with other benefits gained through athletics

The Betis Academy Arizona will increase that participation% here in the Phoenix area and help more black youth to gain access to these missed opportunities!!

The Betis Academy Arizona wants to assist youth to realize that there are other obtainable sports scholarships for college, professional opportunities, & sports-related jobs available outside of just football, basketball, and track & field!  Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and there are INTERNATIONAL opportunities being missed due to the unfamiliarity with the sport here in the United States. 

Our academy offers:

  • Recreational to high level development programs for boys and girls aged 5 through 23 years old

  • Program overseen & guided by former professional European players & experienced coaches from the US

  • Youth trained utilizing European soccer methodologies to maximize each youth's individual potential

  • Pathway support for each's respective pathway to college or even professional opportunities

  • Mental training with a sports psychologist

  • Nutritional guidance & strength training

  • A positive & fun environment to train and develop their soccer skills

  • Competitive games monthly

  • And much, much more!

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