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betis academy az survey

In an effort to make sure the Academy is meeting the needs of our young athletes, expectations are being met, and promises are being fulfilled we are asking parents to complete the survey below. Please provide your opinion and feedback on areas you feel that the Academy could improve. Thanks in advance for your help with this initiative!

Please complete the survey below:
The Academy overall is meeting my expectations for the development of my son/daughter.
Not meeting expectationsunsurePartially meeting expectationsMeeting expectationsExceeding expectations
The Academy is living up to the promises made at the beginning when I signed my son/daughter up.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUnsureAgreeStrongly Agree
I have confidence in the Academy's direction and also the coach for my son/daughter.
Not at allUnsureSomewhat confidentConfidentExtremely confident

Thanks for your feedback!

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