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Arizona's premier soccer academy

Dream big and develop the "Real" Betis way!

I’m excited to be a part of Betis Academy AZ because I want to improve my soccer skills and I enjoy practicing with everyone and the coaches. Thank you to Ms. Nuria and Mr. Mike for inviting me to Betis Academy. GO BETIS!

Ayden M. (Player)



The Betis Academy Arizona is not a club but a high level developmental soccer academy that will also field competitive teams. Our Academy will provide training to maximize and support the growth of all youth who enter our program.

We have programming for boys and girls aged 5-18 and also elite level players looking for college/professional opportunities. Our academy youth teams will get access to:

  • Supportive developmental training (Mental, Nutrition, Strength Training, Tactical, and Life Skills)

  • High level soccer training

  • Monthly soccer games and competition (year round)

  • Opportunity to train abroad

  • A true international experience through Betis & our staff of experienced coaches

  • Pathway support through our Academy contacts with colleges, semi-professional teams, and professional teams INTERNATIONALLY!

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My son used to play in a competitive team at another Club, we felt he was just one more kid, no one really seem to pay much attention or focus on the overall player growth.

After some friends told us about Betis Academy we decided to take a look at it, and my son immediately love the atmosphere, the coaching specially, he said he felt heard and motivated again.
On our short time there, they have had nutritionist, psychologist as well as professional soccer team coaches come and help the players, management is super involved and always out there on the field listening to our concerns and feed back, parents are very involved and friendly, all I can say is our experience so far has been extraordinary and to see my kid motivated, happy and improving, means the ultimate goal is being achieved. 

We are eager to see what the future holds for these athletes.

Cassandra I. (Parent)

european methodologies

Training will be taught utilizing Real Betis methodologies and values that will be based off microcycle structures. Athletes will be instructed using methods utilized by the top teams in the European leagues.

Our staff will be made up of coaches who have played and competed at the highest level from around the world! Youth will get a true international experience at

the Betis Academy Arizona.


Our Academy focuses on the full development of all youth who join! We will provide supportive resources like individual & group trainings, strength training, nutrition and much more all under the

Betis Academy Arizona umbrella.


all skill levels

We have programs to assist all skill levels from beginners to elite level players. Whether just starting out or are the next Joaquin we have spot for you!

abroad training

Has your young athlete ever been to Spain? Our Behind the Scenes program will be an annual experience to go to Seville, Spain and practice in the same facility as the Real Betis professional team.


Teams will be formed and will compete in monthly competitions. Player evaluations will be conducted in March 2022, please see our Develop with Us page for more information.

partners & sponsors

Interested in a partnership with the Betis Academy Arizona?

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